1/96 scale Cyclone structure in 3D printed white plastic

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We make warships parts for our models, and yours.

The future of this hobby is in 3D printing on demand, ordering parts as you need them and taking delivery in only a few days. We have been working hard on the complex parts, such as the mast for your warship, as well as the simple ones, such as small ammo boxes to protect your ship from all enemies. Please browse our parts, and visit often - we are always updating and creating parts for all our ships. If you don't see what you need, please email us and we will be happy to fit you into the schedule to make the modern warship parts you need.

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Armidale Class Coastal Patrol Ship in 1/96 scale

  • Full 3D printed hull and structure
  • All fittings 3D printed
  • Motor mounts, keel, and fins printed into the hull

The Armidale Class Australian coastal patrol boat is a small yet fast ship made to intercept drug runners and pirates. This is our first ever fully 3D printed warship (and not our last). I have to say I really liked the process and will be doing it again. Its very small size is perfect for the idea of 3d printing.

View and purchase at Armidale at Shapeways.com

USS Milwaukee in 1/96 scale

You could make your favorite modern warship model in months, instead of years.

We created the Littoral Combat Ship hull but we had a hard time finding anyone who would create the fittings. We finally did what all modellers do when we are waiting to find parts, we did them ourselves. This is what fueled our drive to make parts that are currently not available elsewhere today. We teamed up with Shapeways since they offer outstanding customer service, reasonable cost, and multi-million dollar printers that render our parts with remarkable detail. It was the perfect solution for us, and we think that this is the best solution for you.

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We are busy building a lot of ships. If you want to run a ship but don't have the time to build, you can purchase one of ours. Take a look at the ships that we have in stock.

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3D Modeling

3D parts are a great way to get the parts you need in only a few weeks. The detail is incredible and you can order just the parts that you need when you need them.

3D Parts

Build Videos

Need help with your build? Want to know more about gator board? This is a first hand look at how to put together your ship kit.

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