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Military Sealift Command Hospital  

The Ship

Beginning with EPF-14, the ships will be designated as EPF Flight II. This change in designation allows the ship to have increased health services capabilities while still maintaining most of the original mission of the ship. The Flight II variant is designed to bring enhanced medical capabilities at the request of Combatant Commanders, and allows for patients to recover onboard rather than in a higher level facility. They can respond faster, and to more places than the Navy's larger, slower and unarmed hospital ships.

The Model

This model is only one of three that have been produced. Each is a special ship with unique attributes designed into the model. The well deck has a set of tanks, humvees, and other support transports to give it a real feel. The ship have 4 brushless jet drives with two working servos for all four thrusters working at the same time. This is a light, nibble ship and skips across the water. She is a pleasure to run this R/C model.

This model is SOLD

This model can be display or R/C depending on your needs. Ship with display stand included, but the R/C version does not included radio or batteries.

Shipping not included.