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USS Freedom

Littoarl Combat Ship

The Ship

USS Freedom (LCS-1) is the lead ship of the Freedom class of littoral combat ships (LCS). She is the third vessel of the United States Navy to be so named for the concept of freedom. ... The ship is a semi-planing monohull design capable of over 40 knots (74 km/h; 46 mph).

The Model

The Freedom Class is 47 inches long at 1/96 scale, the namesake ship build here. This model was created with a fiberglass hull and gatorboard structure for strength and lightness to make it easy to carry around for a trade show. For the r/c version this model has graupner waterjets, a proven off the shelf drive system. The 3D printed parts were measured from a tours of the ships in ports around the United States.

The Cost $2,199.99

The USS Freedom models is the first in the class and updated with the rear sponsons added. The original camo style matches the ship to make her harder to see in the water. This ship has grapner waterjets, a proven fast jet system if you care to have the R/C version for your pond.

Case can be purchased seperatly. Shipping not included.