USS Milwaukee/FF/Littoral Combat Ship - Under Construction in the Shipyard
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USCGC Mellon - Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton Class on Spot Pond
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USS Firestorm - MCM Cyclone Class Coast Patrol Craft
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HMCS St John's - Halifax Class Frigate in 1/96 scale
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USS Zumwalt - Zumwalt Class Destroyer
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What if you could...

You could make your favorite modern warship model in months, instead of years.

Homeport Model Warships is a group of experienced modelers who can help you with your model warship. Long gone are the days of carving your parts, and the endless search for someone who might have the part. We are here to help you with your modern warship needs.

If you are new to the hobby, you might think this is a major task and wonder how to start. We have advice, connection to vendors, and help get you into the water. We are located in the Porter Mill Studios in Beverly, MA, and we call it the Homeport Models Shipyard. There is always a ship under construction, batteries charging, and a few completed ships on display.

For Sale

We are busy building a lot of ships. If you want to run a ship but don't have the time to build, you can purchase one of ours. Take a look at the ships that we have in stock.

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3D Modeling

3D parts are a great way to get the parts you need in only a few weeks. The detail is incredible and you can order just the parts that you need when you need them.

3D Parts

Build Videos

Need help with your build? Want to know more about gator board? This is a first hand look at how to put together your ship kit.

Build Videos